As the temperature heats up, and places all over the world are re-opening, our habit, as Americans, is to spend, spend, spend! Typically, our consumption is the highest between June and August, but that’s also when we spend carelessly, and budgeting seems to go out the window. It’s not only big ticket, overseas travel that costs us, daily spending goes up in the summer too. While it’s important to get outside and spend more time with loved ones, it doesn’t mean that our budget should be completely blown for 1/4th of the year. Below are a few quick and easy tips to help keep your spending under control this summer.

Start A Seasonal Spending Plan

Your financial planner Orlando will always agree that budgeting for something will help your money management. So, as the summer approaches, why not create a seasonal spending budget? Weekly cocktails and beach weekends can add up fast, so if you plan on indulging, financially plan for those indulgences. Start putting away some extra money in the spring, and if you’re able to reduce some of your other unfixed expenses, it will help put more summer spending money in your pocket.

Find The Free Activities

It’s easy to spend a lot of money when the heat hits, but with only minimal research required, you can easily find tons of free activities to do all summer long. Whether at the local library, or park, a weekly outdoor movie night, or town sponsored concerts, your community certainly offers a lot to do for next to nothing! If you can’t find enough things to stay occupied and satisfied, start your own recurring activity. You can charge a small fee, or keep it free for the neighbors. Either way, money won’t be coming out of your pocket.

Use The Discount Tickets

Expensive activities and events will often have a discounted option too. Maybe it’s the zoo, a museum, theme park, or the movies. Regardless of ‘the what’, they will all have cheaper options if you go on a specific day, go with or without kids, bundle your ticket purchase, or book in advance. Use these options to your advantage and don’t miss out on the big, fun, summer activities; simply pay less for them.

Your summer spending can be tracked and planned for, as long as you think ahead. With a little research, and simple strategy, you will no doubt be able to be outside, having a fun summer without breaking the bank.