Got a pet lover on your good list this year? Here are three great gift ideas that the dog or cat lover in your life is sure to adore!

The Softest Socks

The best dog dad socks will no doubt make them feel like the best pet father on the block. Plus… they are a great cozy way to finish the day after work.

A Lovely Leash

Pet parents usually invest in custom collars but not always custom leashes. Get one in a pretty print and it will be a gift for both pet parent and pet alike!

Free Sitting

Some errands just can’t be ran with a pet in tow. Create a book of coupons for your pet-loving friend to cash in when they need them. “Free pet sitting for a day” looks good to every pet parent!

As you look for the perfect gift, remember, it is the thought that counts. And you simply cannot go wrong with a sweet thought.