When a school is being constructed, many factors need to be taken into consideration. School construction can take months or years and may cost millions of dollars, so the process must go as smoothly as possible. This article will cover 3 considerations for when you’re building a new school: budgeting, design, and safety.

1) Budgeting: School construction can be expensive, so schools must understand the costs they will incur during the process. School boards should create an initial budget before anything else happens to understand what resources are at their disposal and how much money they need to allocate for each potential project.

2) Design: School design significantly impacts student performance and satisfaction, so it is essential to have the right people in charge of the process. School boards should hire architects who are experienced in designing schools and interior designers who can create an engaging learning environment for students.

3) Safety: School boards should ensure that the new school building is safe for students and teachers. School design can cause safety issues if it encourages bullying or other problems among students, so be sure to work with an architect who has experience designing schools with built-in security measures.

In conclusion, School Boards should consider hiring architectures and designers who are experienced in the area. This will ensure that the new building is safe, secure, and engaging for students to learn!