Security guard services are a security necessity for any business. There are a variety of security guard services to choose from, and they range in cost and security level. This blog post will outline three important security guard services that you should consider when setting up your security arrangements.

Armed guards

This service includes security officers who carry weapons with them on the job site to protect your employees and customers from physical harm. Armed security guards are often more expensive than unarmed security officers, but there is no question that they provide high levels of security.

Unarmed security staff

Unarmed security staff work on-site to monitor your premises and protect your employees from threats such as theft and damage. These services can be affordable for most businesses and usually allow you the flexibility to hire differently. This service includes security officers who do not carry weapons on the job site but provide other forms of protection such as surveillance cameras, access control systems, or alarms.

Loss prevention specialists

These professionals focus on preventing losses rather than protecting against them after the fact. Loss prevention security guards protect your business from theft and damage, such as shoplifting or burglary, by performing surveillance activities to identify suspicious behavior in the workplace, inspecting merchandise before purchase, and preventing thefts through security procedures like locking down expensive items.

To conclude, security guards are security specialists who protect your workplace and property through security surveillance, the use of locks, or security alarms.