3 Main Points Of Agile Lean Business Case


Agile Lean Business Case is a framework that helps an organization understand how agile and lean principles can be applied to their business. The agile, lean case provides three main points that are important for any organization to keep in mind when starting out:

– Designing the agile process to match your organization

– Getting agile buy-in from everyone on the team

– Building agile culture with agile values.

– Working with product owners, stakeholders, and team members

– Learning agile techniques

What is a lean business case?

A Lean Business Case is an artifact from the Analysis phase of Kanban that helps decide whether to move forward with a Portfolio Epic or Solution Epic. This is done by looking at the results of the analysis.

What does it do?

Lean business practices help to cut waste. This will help with resource management. Lean business practices also lead to more sales and, therefore, profit.

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