It’s summertime and the PERFECT time for a glow up session. Here are our three favorite glow ups for your summer gym routine.

A Bold New Fitness Wardrobe

Online styles carry a lot more options for looks that stand out. Some of our favorite online boutiques sell the cutest plus size gym clothes. You’ll certainly hear “Where did you get that?” quite a lot!

Cloth Resistance Bands

Game changing… literally. If you love resistance bands for an at home workout but find that always wear thin and POP you right where it smarts, cloth bands are the perfect solution. They keep for years but they do tend to come in heavier resistance.

A Breathable Dewy Foundation

Looking for a “no-makeup” makeup look for the gym? Go with an airy, non-matte formula and a peach cheek.

Our favorite thing about glow ups is that you can have instant ones and ones that take time. Fitness glow ups take time but within a month or two, you’ll see a difference if you keep at it!