Are you an elder goth? Still remember when you were the only kid in school whose feelings looked better in black? If you are looking for some new favorites, here are 3 must haves that will leave you trendsetting while still feeling like yourself.

Platform Shoes

A lot of fashion houses went SUPER goth with their spring line this season. We saw many platform goth-inspired shoes with undertones of George Lucas magic. Shopping for goth shoes online helps you to escape that one shop in the mall and opens you up to a wonder wall of new looks.

Quirky Purses

Elder goths are often super nostalgic. Purses are a great way to further express yourself. Some of our favorite styles include purses made out of actual books, bat shaped backpacks and structured bags that add professionalism for the office.

Eyeliner Stamps

Keeping your makeup fresh can feel like a battle – especially when we tend to stick to our old routines. Eyeliner stamps are a great way to stick to a routine but liven it up a little.

Elder goths get a ton of respect from baby goths. So putting our best foot forward never hurts… especially when so many are following in our footsteps.