Old Hollywood was glamorous… without needing needles or surgery. Here are 3 beauty tricks that actually worked and STILL work today…

Use a silk sleep sack, if you sleep on your side, it has been proven that you may develop wrinkles from that sleep position. A silk pillowcase can help you keep your favorite sleeping arrangement and lessen the chances of getting wrinkles from snoozing.

Use vitamin E capsules on the face.

Before we had expensive serums, we had women who weren’t going to dish out hundreds for potions they weren’t sure worked. Vitamin E is known for plumping skin, preventing and treating wrinkles. (Check the back of your favorite serums… it is probably on the label.)

Use “tape” to ease wrinkles.

While we do not recommend actually using Scotch tape to smooth your forehead wrinkles, adhesives for the skin are a great way to control aging. While the results don’t last long once you remove the “tape”, over time it does seem to soften wrinkles naturally.

Not every old way is a bad way. In fact, these traditions can stand the test of time. Which one are you most likely to try out?