Press releases can be tricky… even for seasoned journalists. However, if you are going it alone, while it’s difficult – it is not impossible to create a press release that not only is picked up by media but looks like it came from a pro.

Here’ are some press release tips to help you get going…

If it isn’t newsworthy… go back to the drawing board.

A press release announces something new that would interest the public. Look at your news unbiased. Is it notable enough to be necessary?

Don’t overwrite it.

Press releases are usually to the point. Consider this. Press releases are a form of journalism. You’re not writing an article. You are giving facts and presenting them in a credible way.

Know where to send them.

Depending on what your release is about, you will submit to different outlets. For example, if you are a producer with a new artist and song… you will target radio stations, podcasts and influencers music related. Simple, right?

As you work on writing your first go-it-alone release, remember, if you need help.., help is always out there. But we think you will find press releases a little time consuming but totally doable.