There are many organic period pads on the market, but not all organic pads are created equal. This article will discuss 3 reasons to use organic period pads and why organic is better.

1) They Tend to Be More Comfortable – One of the number one questions people have about organic products is whether or not they feel as comfortable as non-organic ones. The answer is that most of them tend to be more comfortable than regular menstrual pad brands because they can breathe a bit more, which eliminates some of the moisture buildups for those with sensitive skin types.

2) They’re Better For Your Health – It’s well known that all sorts of chemicals can end up in your body from using non-organic products. Still, they are even better for your health because they’re free of all the extra chemicals that can cause irritation and discomfort.

3) They May Be Better For The Environment. Many of them also have a “zero waste” policy, which means they’re not just environmentally friendly because of what’s used to create them and how many people can use one product. Since organic products are made from renewable resources without the toxic chemicals that regular period pad brands include. Organic ones may be better for the earth because they’re more long-lasting, and multiple people can use them.

Organic Period Pads are great to use for many reasons other than organic materials. Still, organic pads may also help create a healthier environment overall – both inside your body and out!