If you work in the restaurant industry then it is likely that your walk in cooler is a major part of your business. Walk in coolers are perfect for keeping your frozen items frozen. And the great benefit is that there is no sort, stacking and figuring out how to fit those items in a freezer. However, walk in coolers can have problems. They can underperform allowing illness-causing bacteria to linger and grow. So how do you even know that your walk in freezer is underperforming. You can see it, hear it and feel it. Check out these three ways here.

Problems You See

There are quite a few ways to see that you have a problem. Ice. Although it seems like ice would be commonplace in your walk in cooler; It shouldn’t be. Ice can show that the freezer is getting warm enough for the liquid to form. Then freezing again. Just like how when the weather warms and icicles drip. Then they freeze again because it cools back down. If you walk in freezer is doing that then it is likely it is warming then freezing again. Which can be very bad for your products stored inside. If you ever see ice building in your walk in freezer then it is a good idea to have the commercial walk in cooler repair guy come take a look.

Problems You Hear

Your walk in freezer has some pretty large equipment that keeps it frozen. If that box that holds the motor and components to your freezer starts making a bad noise, then you should definitely have it checked out. This can mean that it is underperforming or on its way out. You don’t want to come back after a weekend to find that the walk in freezer went completely kaput and everything inside is ruined. What a mess to clean up! Along with that, if you hear bad noises it may just be a small problem. That is a lot cheaper to fix then a large problem that could be on its way. Or fix a completely warm and melted freezer.

Problems You Feel

You may also feel problems in your walk in freezer if it is under performing. If you ever walk into your freezer and feel that it is a little warmer than normal, then that is not a good sign. Have it checked out immediately. Walk in freezers are designed to stay completely frozen, even if the door is opened and closed. So at no point should it ever be warm inside of your walk in freezer. If you feel warmth, then you have an issue. On top of that, if the motor is having problems producing the cold effect, it will oftentimes blow warm. That can actually have the opposite effect. So if you feel warm at any time inside your walk in freezer, then have the commercial walk in cooler repair man come.


At the end of the day, anytime you see, hear or feel a problem in your walk in cooler then call for commercial walk in cooler repair. It is easier to fix a small problem when your cooler is just underperforming rather than trying to fix a large problem with a cooler that is completely kaput. Along with that, the monetary loss of the food inside could be devastating if your freezer goes completely out. These are three easy ways to sense when there is a problem inside your cooler. If you ever see these problems call for immediate help! You will be glad you did.