The pandemic has normalized taking all kinds of classes online. We are most excited about dance class… even if we are a little bias. From the right gear to the best items to move in, here are our 3 favorite starters to get you feeling like a pro right from the comfort of your house…

Invest in dance wear.

From dance leggings that move with you effortless to inexpensive beginner ballet shoes, you will feel more like you are having in-person experience if you take the time to invest in a small dance wardrobe.

Try a portable barre.

The barre warms up class in-person. You can find barres line that are both sturdy and movable.

Record your progress.

Record your first class if you can. No one will know if you place the camera right. In a few months record yourself dancing and look how far you have come!

As you get ready to start a new experience, remember… these may be strange times… but sometimes strange times give you the strength to try something new. And when you do? You just might fall in love with it.