As salespeople, our goal is to grow sales and generate more revenue for the company. With that in mind, I’m going to share a 3-step sales strategy with you that has helped me generate more sales over the last few months. This strategy will help you build trust with your prospects and establish yourself as an expert in your field.

1) Establish Rapport: Asking questions about their business or industry helps get them talking about themselves, which establishes rapport quicker than anything else we can do as salespeople.

2) Provide Value: Once they are engaged with us, we need to be providing value by giving them exciting information or asking insightful questions about what they’re doing at work, so they see how much we care about them and their business.

3) Present Solutions: This is the sales process. We have to provide solutions or answer their questions about how they can improve what they’re doing somehow so that we are seen as a true expert and valuable resource instead of just another salesperson trying to sell them something.

Follow these steps and add more recommendations you might find online for sales strategy to grow business.