With Covid-19 making us all into little bubble people, we know that health and cleanliness is always on your mind… even if you don’t want it to be.

Here are 3 steps to a cleaner, healthier home to help take the edge off…

Invest in an effective disinfectant.

Spray surfaces down each night before bed. Overkill in your own home isn’t necessary. In fact, it will just wear you out and make your immunity suffer for the lack of rest.

Use soap and water.

Doctors swear that soap and water is the best way to wash away germs. And… they live by that in their house. Don’t freak when you can’t find hand sanitizer. Soap and water work wonders.

Be smart.

Being smart doesn’t mean swearing off hugs with the people in your home. But it does mean steering clear of cuddles when you have a fever. Just use common sense… we promise it works.

As you deal with this weird season in the world, know you aren’t alone and this too will pass. You’ve got this, baby!