If photography is your passion, you might be looking for photography guide for beginners that can improve the quality of your shots. This article will cover three photography techniques that are great for beginners, and they don’t require any expensive equipment!

1) Set up a shot with proper lighting to get natural-looking skin tones.
The first way to improve your photography is through good lighting.
You should use natural light for the best results and avoid using flash or other artificial lights that can produce harsh shadows on your subject’s face. Using a side window as a primary light source and placing your model accordingly will help capture beautiful skin tones.

2) Use both vertical and horizontal framing to make sure there’s nothing in the background of your photo distracting from what you want people to see.
When taking a photograph, you don’t want anything in the background distracting from your subject. One of the best ways to do this is by using both horizontal and vertical framing. Whether it’s a person or an object you’re photographing, make sure there aren’t any unnecessary distractions in the background.

3) Shoot vertically when capturing landscapes or tall buildings – it’s an easy way to take advantage of all that extra height!
When it comes to photography, you want every photograph that you take to be a dynamic image. One of the best ways to do this is by using a vertical format for your photos. When photographing people or objects, turn your camera vertically and shoot from above instead of shooting horizontally. This will make the subject appear more prominent in the frame, which leads to a more dynamic image.

In conclusion, photography is a great way to express creativity, and this article should help photography beginners.