Cannabutter is a cannabis-infused cooking oil that can be used in many recipes. The cook cannabutter process takes time, but it’s easier if you cook it in a crockpot! In this article, we’ll outline the three steps to cook cannabutter in crockpot for you.

1) Put butter or coconut oil into your pot and place on low heat

Put your butter or coconut oil into the crockpot and cook on low heat for an hour. If you’re using a crockpot with multiple settings (like high, low, etc.), cook your butter on the lowest setting.

2) Add ground cannabis buds to the pot

Once your butter has been in the crockpot for an hour, add in a half-ounce of ground cannabis. A general cook cannabutter rule is that one gram or less equals one butter stick or four tablespoons of oil. You can also use any amount of cannabis you want; it doesn’t matter how much since we’ll be decarbing the THC before adding it to our recipe. If using buds with stem and leaf, you will need to grind them up before adding them to the pot.

3) Cook for at least 3 hours

Once you have added in your cannabis, cook it for at least three hours. The longer, the better! I cook my cannabutter anywhere from four to six hours on low heat. Stir occasionally throughout cooking time with a wooden spoon or rubber spatula every hour if possible. If you are using kief or hash instead of ground bud, then cook for a minimum of nine hours.

Once you cook your cannabis, it will be thick and not as potent. You can now cook with the THC-infused butter to make whatever recipes that call for cannabutter or use it in any dish!