Pass ID cards are a great way to keep your building secure. They allow pass holders access into the secured area but keep unauthorized people out. This article provides three uses for pass id card systems:

1) They can be used as keys to unlock doors in case of emergencies
2) They make it easier and more convenient for employees who need access to multiple buildings on campus
3) They prevent fraud by only allowing authorized individuals in restricted areas. With a pass ID card, people can be sure they are entering the right place and won’t have to deal with someone sneaking into their business during open hours.

Pass ID cards are electronic keys that can be configured to allow or restrict access to certain areas. Depending on your responsibilities at work, the IT and Security department will configure which doors you can open. If there are areas that you don’t need access to because they are not in your duties, then those doors will not be configured in your ID card. It is much better because people who don’t have access are automatically ruled out of any investigation if something happens. So, don’t get offended because you don’t have access, be glad that you don’t.