Search for Android TV box products on any online store and you are sure to find a deluge of results. It’s a loaded category with tons of generic offerings with the same specifications and little brand recognition. Only a few stand out and those are the ones that are truly worth buying. Don’t fall into the trap of getting the cheapest option you can find. Otherwise, you will get what you pay for and you will end up disappointed. In fact, this may have happened to you before. Give it another try but this time pay attention to the following before making your selection:

Aftersales Support

Check the seller’s reputation from the platform ratings and comments. Make sure that you will be getting aftersales support so that you can buy the product you want without any hesitation. Does the seller offer a warranty? How long does it last and what does it cover? If you wanted to return the product, can you get a full refund? Do you need to pay for shipping or will they shoulder the cost? If you run into any issues, are they responsive enough to help you out? If you have technical questions, can you call the manufacturer for support?

User Feedback

It’s hard to know how well a product will work unless you actually spend time with it. If you want to get a good idea before purchasing the item, then read the feedback of current users. Maybe you can ask your friends if they have these. They might be able to give you advice on buying it or point you to a better option. You could also ask them about your specific concerns and obtain vital information. You might look for online forums dedicated to android boxes and other electronic devices. Perhaps you can learn a lot from the discussions about specific products. Of course, you could always read user reviews from online stores as well.

System Upgrade

One of the biggest problems with generic TV boxes is that their manufacturer, typically based overseas, do not provide any type of support once the product reaches the market. Consumers will have to buy at their own risk. They may be enticed by the cheap prices with some of these costly under $20. However, they are on their own if they run into any issues. In contrast, reputable brands listen to feedback from their customers and release firmware updates to fix bugs and improve functionality. They might even add new features after a year or so.