Who doesn’t love Tupperware? It is the perfect product for storing leftovers, transporting food to friends’ houses, or taking your lunch to work. Tupperware is a classic kitchen staple that has been around since 1947. However, there are some interesting facts about Tupperware that you may not know!

– Tupperware was invented by Earl Silas Tupper in 1946 when he realized his wife couldn’t store liquids in her old glass containers.
– The name “Tupperware” comes from the Tupper family’s last name, which starts with T and rhymes with “pour.” Fun fact: Tuppers lived in Maine, where they made chowder out of lobsters.
– One of the original Tupperware colors was avocado green, Tupper’s favorite color.

Tupperware is a great product that can help you store food in your cabinet or refrigerator. Tupperware products make for unique gifts for those who do meal prep.