Self-inking book stamps are a great way to quickly and efficiently self-affix your books with a professional-looking self-inked stamp. If you’re deciding on which self inking book stamp is proper for you, keep these tips in mind:

1) Decide on the amount of pages that will be stamped with one ink pad before reordering or changing colors. If you are self-inking books for an organization, this will help determine the size of self inking stamps to purchase.

2) Consider what type of paper your books are printed on. Some inks may not show up well if they’re printed on glossy paper. The self-inking book stamp should be as unique as your organization. It can reflect the type of material that you self-ink, including a logo or other design to represent your company.

3) Think about how often you want to change out the ink pads. Changing them once every three months should suffice if you use them four times per week.”

Self-inking book stamps are a great way to self affix your books with professional-looking ink.