Apricot kernels are a great way to improve your health. They are high in vitamin B17, which can help alleviate symptoms of cancer and diabetes. Vitamin B17 works by blocking the growth of cells that cause these diseases, so it is much better than chemotherapy or other treatments that destroy all cells indiscriminately. This article will provide 3 tips for purcasing apricot kernels as part of an apricot kernel diet plan.

1) Buy from reputable sellers – Buyers should always buy apricot kernels from an established website with good reviews. Buying from this kind of company ensures you’re getting real apricot kernels without any added ingredients like sugar or salt!

2) Buy Organic – Buyers should also purchase organic apricot kernels. This ensures that the kernel is free of pesticides and other harmful chemicals used in traditional farming methods, altering their nutritional value or even being dangerous to consume!

3) Buy in bulk – Buyers should purchase apricot kernels in large quantities to save money. The more you buy, the cheaper they are!

Hope this article has helped you to get an idea of what to do when making your purchase.