Black seed oil is a healthy hair product that has uses for both hair and scalp health.

It can also be used to maintain the natural color of your hair, making it great for those looking for ways to cover grays without using chemicals.

This article will discuss three uses of black seed oil for hair: a moisturizer, an anti-dandruff treatment, and a general scalp care product.

1) Moisturizer

Black seed oil is often used on the skin because of its ability to act as an excellent moisturizer. When applied to dry or damaged skin (especially during winter), it helps lock in moisture and repair the outer layer of skin cells.

2) Anti-dandruff Treatment

One more usage of black seed oil that has been used for years is an anti-dandruff treatment, which makes it a good choice to replace chemical-laden products. The use of black seed oil for hair can be applied directly on the scalp and left overnight.

3) Used as a general scalp care product

Since it is also known to improve blood circulation in the body, black seed oil for hair is often used as a general scalp care product to promote healthy growth. It also contributes to the health of several scalp conditions, including dandruff, psoriasis, and even hair loss.