Workplace audiometry testing gold coast: Audiometry testing is a workplace safety requirement for many industries, including mining. It measures your hearing levels and provides you with baseline data to compare in the future. It can also alert employers of workplace hazards that may be impacting an employee’s ability to hear well enough to perform their job duties safely. This article will provide three ways this testing benefits your workplace!

First, it ensures safe working conditions by measuring sound levels and providing employees with current hearing thresholds to know when they need additional protection from loud noise at work.

-Secondly,-audiometry tests are required annually or biannually depending on where you live to maintain compliance with occupational health regulations that protect workers’ hearing.

-Lastly, it can be used as a preventative measure to identify early signs of hearing loss so that employees can get the necessary treatment before their hearing deteriorates any further.

Audiometry is a workplace testing that provides employers and employees alike valuable information.