Covid-19 has certainly changed the world as we know it – at least, for this season of our life. If you are struggling with your mental health during this time, even if you are just feeling extra stressed out, here are 3 ways to achieving better mental health during this time…

Utilize Telehealth Services, we know it can be scary to leave the house for any little cold or symptom, this is where telehealth is shining. Many things can be treated without ever going to an office. You can even have a Covid test ordered right over the phone. Counseling services are also available via FaceTime.

Keep Up Fitness Routines as Possible

While you might not be going to the gym, find new ways to workout at home, go for a jog or do some yoga. Not only does this improve your mental health by releasing endorphin… but it also helps boost your immunity to fight back against germs.

Treat Yourself as Kindly as You Do Others

Have hot tea. Buy that expensive candle. Do something good for you unapologetic. Love you like you do others.

As we navigate this weird time, know that we are all feeling a little weird… and that’s ok. But there is ALWAYS room for improvement, making that little weird, maybe a less stressful for all of us.