Whether you are traveling to spend time with your mother, hopping the red eye to catch some time in a long distance relationship or traveling for career, overnight travel can feel rushed and less than luxurious. Here are 3 ways to make your overnight trips easier… and more luxe.

Switch to leather.

A leather toiletry bag cleans up easier so you can say goodbye to all those spills from your mini shampoos and conditioners. Choose a treated leather that wipes down clean.


You rarely need everything you bring. Choose shoes that work for both outfits in your bag. Don’t over-pack makeup supplies but consider carrying palettes so you don’t miss out on options.

Upgrade you luggage.

Satchels style luggage travels way easier for an overnight. These bags also come with plenty of compartments for items that you might otherwise need to leave out.

Overnight travel can be exciting again if you let it be. Find ways to make even career travel feel less boring and the whole experience will feel easier simply based on attitude alone.