Got a text that made you feel afraid? Got a call that freaked you out? Don’t worry. You aren’t alone. We have ALL been there whether we admitted it or not. If you are going through an STD health scare, here are 3 ways to get through it with ease…

Test at home.

While the stigma is not what it was, it is still hard for some of us to walk in clinics we have gone to for years. Home STD tests can help you find out what you need to know without going to an office. If you need a blood test, they can also set you up with a lab away from your local doc.

Be kind to yourself.

No – you aren’t being punished. No – you aren’t the first or the last to feel this sad/horrible/scared. No – you aren’t going to die.

Just do it.

Get it done that is. We think getting tested is damn brave. The sooner you do it… the sooner you will be able to practice safer sex – with less stress.

As you wait for results, remember, do something good for yourself. You deserve good things. Facing something scary can make you feel like the situation will never end – but it will. Life will b normal again soon.