When you found out you are expecting, you were instantly elated. While you are still thrilled… now that the new has worn off, (and perhaps the morning sickness too,) you may be thinking about ensuring that you stay in the best shape throughout your pregnancy so that you don’t lose much conditioning when you return to the gym.

Here are 3 of our favorite musts for making workouts more bearable during your pregnancy:

Buy the Right Workout Gear

You will need extra support in certain areas as your body grows. Especially in the chest. As your milk buds grow in, they can become sore. A maternity sports bra can compensate your growing bosom and support you enough to not make your breasts sore post-workout.

Pick safety first.

If you were a hardcore lifter… it can be hard to back off the weights a little. Talk to your doctor about what weight load is safe for you and your baby, until then, try resistance bands that can produce some of the same results when you up the reps.

Don’t overdo it.

Pushing it is never good during pregnancy. Remember, you may be able to do less but if you stick to it… it is better than hurting yourself over one killer workout than spacing it out over smaller workouts through the week.

As you change and grow, we wish you the healthiest and fittest pregnancy possible. Here’s to you, mama!