So… here we are. All trying to live better and be healthier. If Covid-19 did anything for us it was teach us what was important and show us that we need to be diligent about good health.

To make your home more 2020 friendly – and there on out – try these healthy ideas in your space…

Invest in an air purifier for dust. Who isn’t thinking about their lungs right now? Air purifiers can make the air in your space healthier to breathe and if you happen to get a cold or something else,it can ensure that the air going in is as healthy as possible.

Stop googling.

Seriously. Did you find this on google? We’re just kidding. However, researching Covid-19 like you are going for a doctorate is just bad for your mental health. Google dog videos instead. Thank us later.

Care about comfort.

Quarantines have made home glam again and comfort important one more time. We have ditched our heels for fuzzy socks and our suits for pajama pants on Zoom meetings. Now is the time to care about comfort and learn to really be efficient at self love and self care.

While 2020 may not have been the easiest year, it has brought out the good in a lot of us. Take the lessons, leave the fear… and go get your day!