Do you want to study the Bible online? In this article, we will discuss 3 ways that you can do just that. Not only are online bible studies convenient, but they also allow for a more in-depth and customized experience. So if you’re interested in studying online, keep reading!

1) Study Sites: These websites offer various plans at various price points to fit your needs. You can also find online Christian schools or church groups on these sites.

2) Online Bibles: This is an excellent option if you already have a physical copy of the Bible and don’t want the hassle of carrying it with you everywhere. Many are available, from free ones like Blue Letter Bible to online study Bibles like the Life Application Study Bible.

3) Apps: This is an excellent option if you want to read the Bible on your phone or tablet. You can find online versions of both KJV and NIV online for free!

In conclusion, online bible study is a great way to learn more about your faith and grow closer to God. You have so many options today, from online church groups or online Christian schools all the way up to using a physical copy of the Bible online!