The 3D Printed House Australia is a concept that could change the way we build our homes. 3D technology has been around for decades, but it wasn’t until recently that 3D printers created entire buildings. The 3D printed house will be made of cement and recycled materials, using automated cranes to print the parts layer by layer. This process is fast – taking about 24 hours per square meter – and cheaper than traditional building methods, costing $30-50 per square meter in labor costs alone! Read on for more information on this new housing project.

1) How can this benefit me?

This technology has many benefits. 3D printed homes are eco-friendly and inexpensive to create. 3D printers have the potential to reduce production time by 35% compared with traditional construction methods.

2) What are some barriers to 3D housing?

While there have been many successful projects made with this new process, it still has its drawbacks, such as: only being able to construct single-story buildings at present due to height restrictions imposed by existing building materials; another drawback is that existing construction techniques allow for adjustment after initial build which isn’t possible when using these printers. Hence, the accuracy of the design needs to be spot on beforehand.

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