Homeowners looking to sell their homes are in search of ways to add more value to their homes. Getting a good Return On Investment (ROI) for homes can be tough given the economic climate around the world.

Also, the climatic changes—global warming—affects the decision of home buyers on which homes to buy and which not to buy. A house that is energy efficient is therefore essential in these times. An energy-efficient home adds significant value to a home.

Dubai Real Estate Agencies have always clamoured for energy-saving homes because it not only saves the homeowners a substantial amount in energy bills, but it also reduces the carbon footprint in the city.

In this post, we would be sharing five green ways to add value to a home. We understand that as homeowners, there is a possibility of having no idea how to go green in the home and how to increase the house value while at it.

So below are five green ways to add value to a home:

  1. Install energy-saving windows and doors:

When carrying out a home renovation, the first few things to change are the windows and doors. New windows and doors give the house a new look, a unique feel that warms the home.

Energy-efficient doors and windows would not only provide the home a new light, but it also helps you save money on utility bills. These doors and windows store up energy from the sun on days of high temperature. When the temperature goes down later, the stored upon energy is used to heat the home. These windows and doors also help you collect water from rain; store them in a small tank and stop any leakage after a rain pour.

  1. Install High-Efficiency Appliances:

New real estate projects in Dubai have now begun replacing what were some pretty good appliances with new ones. These new appliances, as was explained, don’t use as much energy as the old ones and thus reduce the amount of carbon footprint in Dubai. These appliances, also called energy star appliances, use up to 10% to 50% less energy than the old ones.

  1. Get a rainwater collection system:

These systems are also called the rainwater harvesting system. These are barrels that act as holding tanks. When there is a downpour, these barrels store up water that was supposed to run off to the streets through the gutter. They store rainwater for later use. To be more efficient, homeowners can install a leaf filter to help filter leaves from the water.

  1. Install smart Thermostat:

Programmable, smart thermostat helps homeowners program their temperature preferences to save energy. These thermostats also show the homeowners other parts of the house that needs the energy saved.

  1. Landscape with Native Plants:

Landscaping is one of the high factors that homebuyers say influence their choice of a home. When one uses native plants for the landscaping, it reduces the volume of water used as the plants are already familiar with the environment and can thrive in the weather. Landscaping, using native plants, is a significant feature in most off-plan properties in Dubai.

It is wise to go green with a home. It keeps the environment healthy, safe, and improves the value for all involved.