While weight loss is a common desire found in many people, there are also some set of people who wish to gain weight. Gaining weight is not that easy as you think. The pain can only be felt by people who usually consume a high-calorie diet and yet fail to move the weighing scale to the right side.

Such people are blessed with a very high metabolism and thus, no matter how much they eat, they don’t gain weight. These people are categorized as ectomorphs. If you have a similar story, simply eating a calorie-rich diet won’t help you much. You need weight gainer supplements.

What are weight gainer supplements?

Weight gainers are supplements that help an individual put on healthy weight. These meet the surplus calorie requirement of such people who want to gain weight.

Just as being overweight creates a lot of health issues for you, being underweight can also cause certain problems such as low levels of immunity, malnutrition, difficulty in conceiving or infertility, calcium deficiency, etc. by consuming weight gainer supplements on a regular basis along with a healthy and calorie-rich diet, you can ensure healthy weight gain.

Elements of a weight gainer supplement

Various brands sell weight gainers that often contain the following components:


Carbs are the thing that you would like to consume the least or even cut off totally when you are looking to lose weight. But, when you wish to gain weight, carbohydrates are a must. Weight gainer powder contains carbohydrates in an appropriate quantity that helps in refilling the glycogen stores of the body.


It is definitely a component that cannot be overlooked whether you are trying to lose or gain weight. Protein helps in weight gain and management and boosts the overall functionality of your body. Weight gainers mostly contain protein.


Fats cannot be ignored when you want to gain weight. Weight gainer supplements contain healthy/good fats that help in bulking up in a healthy way.


Fiber is very important for digestion and when you are consuming a high-calorie diet along with a weight gainer supplement. Fiber flushes out the toxins from your body and helps you maintain a healthy weight.

Vitamins & minerals

Vitamins and minerals are vital for sound body functions and to maintain overall health. Weight gainer supplements are often enriched with these essential micronutrients.

Why should one take weight gainer supplements?

Gaining weight can be a tough task with diet alone. Weight gainer supplements give your gaining a healthy boost and help you reach your ideal weight. Here are a few reasons which justify the use of weight gainer supplements for gaining weight.

6 benefits of weight gainer supplements

  • Help in meeting increased calorie requirements: If you are a hard gainer, your calorie requirements are greater than others. Weight gainers help in meeting your increased calorie needs in an easy and convenient way. They contain various essential nutrients that help you improve your overall wellbeing and let you gain a healthy weight. Try to choose a weight gainer that offers high calories per shake.
  • Helps you in staying lean: Don’t get confused here! While your goal is to gain weight, you don’t want unhealthy fat hovering over your body. You wish to have a healthy weight gain. Weight gainer formula contains a special type of dietary fat that helps you in maintaining a lean physique and boost your bodybuilding. Dietary fat is a potent macronutrient that helps you gain a healthy weight. Choose a weight gainer that is rich in Medium Chain Triglycerides. The lesser the saturated fat, the better the supplement is.
  • Helps in averting unhealthy cravings: Weight gainer supplements are a calorie-dense formula that keeps you satiated for long. This way you can stay away from unhealthy foods as you will encounter lesser cravings. This will help you in staying healthy. Nutrients are the need of your muscles and body. Weight gainers are a rich source of essential nutrients that benefit your body.
  • They are cost-efficient: Weight gainer supplements are a budget-friendly way of gaining weight. While you definitely need more calories to put on weight, obtaining all those calories from the diet alone is not possible and you need to spend a lot on various food items to meet your daily calorie needs. Weight gainer supplements help you meet your daily calorie needs in an easy and cost-effective manner.
  • Helps in faster recovery: Muscle recovery is extremely important. Weight gainer supplements help in faster muscle recovery as they are a rich source of fats. Stored fats are helpful in enabling you to perform better and experience less pain and soreness. When your body’s fat store is low, you are at a high risk of inflammation.
  • Helps in meeting your creatine needs: Most weight gainers are enriched with creatine. It helps you in gaining weight and retains lean muscle tissue.it enhances the water storage in your muscles which strengthens them as a result. If you actively workout, choose a weight gainer supplement that contains creatine.

The bottom line

Weight gainer supplements are a great source of nutrients that help you in gaining a healthy weight. What you need to understand is that by consuming just weight gainers, you won’t put on weight. A calorie-rich diet which contains all essential nutrients is necessary. You can combine the diet and supplement with some mild workouts. Do not overindulge in exercises as you will then struggle to gain weight.