What comes with projection mapping services? what is it more specifically?

It is more commonly known as taking an image, face, anything, and projecting it on the surface of a building, flat surface, free of debris. This is to share or create art, live visuals for a presentation, or really any use you have for what project or pice you may be sharing.

Besides the fact, there are already mind blowing things you can use projection mapping services for, here are 7 of my most recent finds. Brace yourself. Enjoy the awesome if you didn’t already know the possibilities.

My number one is stage use. With this technological awesomeness, you can take an empty stage and completely make it what you want. This includes live video, animations, and so much more. If I focus only on that one well we may run out of room for this piece. You in this aspect make the projection of your pencil as you would with writing, drawing… any form of art. It becomes your wand. Have fun with it on your stage.

My second favorite is for decorative purposes. You can host a get-together, baby shower, party, even add it for use with a theme, whether it be holiday, or you’re hosting an event at a bar, or a luncheon with a large number of people. The items you can show through this go pretty far. Show a home, no time to stage it right? Set up this with virtual decor, not only those viewing will enjoy it, the conversation may turn to teach something outside the box.

You can set the mood. From hosting a movie premier or musician upcoming, thanks to the internet. You can also set the entirety of an event, such as a wedding, or baptism. You set everything and make sure you have a strong connection and tech guy available for backup. You can make an entire wedding beyond the best event of a lady’s life from some simple understanding of the amazing visual mapping you gain from such greatness.

If you are not currently looking to wed a lady well, don’t worry there are still more amazing options.

Do you like art? You can use it for a living mural that looks painted. Pretty rad, just saying. Two hands, two cans, without the rattle can mess on your fingers, time-saving yes, you will probably find yourself with a rattle can at some point, painting a new piece at some point. Art doesn’t just stop. LOL.Regardless… Just saying.

You can also do Holographs. Essentially taking with permission from an artist or the family of a passed artist of your choice, performing a show whether it be charity related or personal use. Very cool if you are unfamiliar with that topic. Keep learning. you will continue to be mind blown.

Holographs are actually one of my favorites then I gave them glorification, not a common subject usually though. Thanks to tech, revolutions, and drive well look what we’ve got from all that. It’s great. A few other uses for projection mapping services include immersive audiovisual, effects that can be seen in British Columbia through the use of mirroring and 3D illusions, virtual reality imaging. Basically you turn something that either already exists into something other, or manipulate something from nothing but always having something great as a result. You are not limited to just one projection device either some of the best creations with this service have used anywhere from 4 to thousands. You determine the project size and the amount of epic. If you are familiar, keep bringing great things to others.