Baby food feeders are newer item to hit the market. Some feeders look like a large pacifier while some others look like large spoons. Each type of baby feeder has a mesh bag or plastic tube attached to them. The bag or tube let’s the parent or even the child slowly put the food inside of the mouth. This new little feeding gadget has many great uses.

A baby food feeder is great for introducing new foods to a little one. With this new feeding tool a baby can experience a new texture and taste without having trying to choke down a full mouth of it.

A feeder is also good for helping a baby while they are teething. It is suggested to place cold or frozen fruit inside of the little mesh pouch and let the child chew on it to help ease the pain.

While these feeders have many great uses they should be used with caution. Babies should never be left unattended with the feeder as they can still choke or gag on the item. They should be cleaned thoroughly between each use, and they should be left to sit for any length of time.