A Brief History Of Signet Rings


If you have a ring that’s engraved with a monogram, crest, symbol or signet, it’s known as a signet ring, and is typically used as an expression of individuality, or it maybe an heirloom that’s been handed down. The concept of signet rings is about 3,500 years old; ancient people in Mesopotamia wore rings that had seals or marks of authenticity carved into them. Ancient Egyptians wore similar rings to indicate their status or how important they were, and by the Middle Ages, when the vast majority couldn’t read or write, most important people wore a ring. Rings were unique, and so they were typically destroyed after the owner died, to prevent someone not qualified to use that ring. Rings became more decorative during the 19th century, and although some people today still wear these rings, they are no longer used to legally validate documents.

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