Blue Obsidian is quite a difficult stone to find as it is extremely rare in its natural state. Blue Obsidian generally has a shade ranging from a light blue to a pale washed-out blue-black. When mixed with other minerals, the shades can change dramatically. Blue Obsidian is formed by the interaction of molten lava and cooling magma; it is thought that the material formed this way was utilized by ancient cultures to make jewelry and weapons. Over time, the composition of the cooled lava due to its high carbon content turns the magma into a liquid substance, which changes its physical properties. The cool lava material then solidifies and forms into tiny crystals, which are known as blue obsidian. In its natural state, this type of blue obsidian tends to be a very hard substance that could only be formed by volcanic activity. Many scientists are still unsure if this is indeed true, but many health-conscious individuals believe that it is possible that natural blue obsidian stimulates the throat chakra and helps to cure tinnitus.