Lead generation marketing is a technique companies use to find potential customers and lead them through the sales funnel. It involves lead capture, lead qualification, lead nurturing and lead conversion. This technique can be done in person or online.

– The first step is capturing leads by offering something for free, like an ebook or webinar. This gives you a way to collect names and contact information from people interested in your business topic without any commitment (they don’t have to buy anything).

– The next step is qualifying leads. You want to make sure that the leads you’re generating will likely convert into paying customers before investing too much time into them.

– This technique can also take place online. You need to have a landing page that is designed for lead capture and has a clear call-to-action button (like “submit” or “download”). The lead form should be short, with just enough information for you to qualify the lead, so you don’t end up spending too much time on prospects that are unlikely to convert.


Lead generation marketing is a great way to generate new business leads. However, you must know what lead qualification is and how it works before diving in head-first.