Demolition is an essential part of the construction industry, as the old must make way for the new, and for large commercial developments, the very first stage of the project would involve removing the existing structure and prepare the site for the footings and foundations. Of course, any demolition work is extremely dangerous and you can only use an established company that is approved by the government and such a company would be fully insured to cover every eventuality.

Online Solutions

The first step to sourcing the right demolition company is to carry out an online search, which will bring up a list of approved contractors and then you can begin to browse the sites. If you are based in Sydney and surrounding areas, check out A to Z Demolition is Sydney, who are one of the leading companies that specialise in all aspects of commercial and residential demolition. It is essential that the demolition company has the necessary resources to ensure that your project finishes in the agreed timeframe.

Checking Credentials

This is an essential aspect of choosing a good demolition company, so look for affiliations or accreditations with industry related organisations, as this is a strong indication of their ethical practice and, of course, credibility. Any company that has won industry awards are also worthy of further investigation, and such awards are difficulty to come by.

Impressive List of Formal Clients

This as another great indication of what to expect and most demolition experts would advertise their long list of well-known major companies, and if nothing else, this shows that their service is of a very high standard. All of these aspects some together to form an accurate appraisal of the company and their services, so do make the effort to do some research prior to making any firm decisions.

Fully Insured

Any company that deals with commercial demolition should be fully insured to cover every eventuality, as while they would take the very best of care to ensure that the work is carried out successfully. Public liability insurance up to a few million pounds would be normal in the demolition industry, which would cover almost every eventuality, and it is important to clarify this prior to engagement any demolition firm.


Of course, while you do want a professional service, you don’t want to pay any more than in necessary, and with the Internet, it is easy to obtain quotes from several providers. The scope of the project needs to be defined, which might include an underground survey and land clearance, and whatever is required can be included in the contract.

If you can manage to obtain some client references, this is a strong indication of what to expect and most demolition companies would have client testimonials to give you some peace of mind. In order to quote for your project, a representative would meet you at the site and discuss you needs and once the scope of the work has been outlined, the contractor can quote for the project.