Controlling moisture disperse in a construction site is a nightmare to most contractors. Regardless of the floor type, preventing the moisture from dispersing into adjacent walls or surrounding construction is imperative. Here are the reasons why the use of breathable floor protection is essential.

No Need to Remove it

Newly laid floors require time to cure and some space to breathe. With breathable floor protection, the builders will not need to remove it until the project is complete.


Your choice of floor protection covering will depend on the type of floor in your project. If undertaking some refurbishment and new construction, choose high-impact breathable floor protection. Go for low-protection covers for floors made of wooden or natural stones.

Protection Against Floor Damage

Breathable floor protection prevents the floor from damage caused by high impacts, and it is impermeable to dirt, debris, and dust.


Are you tired of removing floor protection covering every day at your construction site? Stop stressing yourself by getting breathable floor protection covering.