Lap Band Surgery Sydney is a common weight loss surgery that is performed by a laparoscope. This procedure was initially intended for the treatment of obesity and morbid obesity.

This surgical procedure has a shape that looks like a small metallic belt or band placed around the upper portion of the stomach right below the esophagus. The size of the stomach remains unchanged, but it simply becomes small in the case of Lap Band because no food can get in quickly after eating even just a little food; one feels full and satiated for longer periods than before. Since there is very little space in the stomach now, you feel yourself constantly eating all day long since you cannot eat too much at once anymore.

Here are some benefits that will help reduce your weight

Consumption Of Calories Reduced

The very first benefit that you will get after the Lap Band Surgery is that the consumption of food and calories will be reduced. After such a surgery, one feels full very easily and has to eat less than before. This reduction in terms of calorie intake is about 30-35%.

Following this surgery, your stomach shrinks and takes the shape of a small balloon that cannot hold more than ½ liter or even less than that. The weight loss achieved through this surgery is because there is no option but to eat less since the stomach gets filled up too quickly, and you also feel fuller way faster as compared to other procedures.