Acupuncture for back pain is one of many alternative treatments gaining popularity in Western culture at a steady pace. However, it is generally viewed as a Chinese therapy. Acupuncture is a method used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to help treat a wide range of ailments, most often related to pains and aches caused by stress. The method is carried out by licensed practitioners who insert thin needles into the skin through the skin. The theory behind acupuncture is that illness results when the flow of ‘qi’ or energy through your body is disrupted.

The treatment has been found to relieve lower back pain and provide relief for more severe pains. There are varying opinions on how often a patient should receive acupuncture treatments, and some practitioners recommend several sessions per week. In contrast, others believe that fewer sessions will be more effective. Acupuncture also appears to be more successful if the treatment is conducted by someone trained in acupuncture. These individuals may also pinpoint areas of problem for the patient that may be more difficult to treat through other methods.