Telehealth Services can provide the essential in-person services patients require for improved healthcare. In the past, there was a great need for in-person services to administer various healthcare procedures such as blood transfusions, medication administration, diagnosing and treating certain diseases, etc. Although many healthcare providers have adapted to the fast pace of technology by providing online booking, appointment scheduling, and booking of appointments through instant messaging, voice mail, faxing, etc., there are still many patients who still need face-to-face communication with their healthcare providers. For this purpose, telemedicine is a technology that provides immediate access to healthcare professionals at the location of the patients. This is a significant advantage because it enables healthcare providers to offer high-quality care to their patients by avoiding extra travel time, additional fuel expenses, long-distance charges, etc.

Telehealth Services have gained popularity worldwide, especially in developed countries where people find it hard to find a doctor nearby. Many organizations are now offering telemedicine services to patients living in rural and remote areas.