In terms of healthcare, there’s never been a better time to be alive – at least in terms of the vast range of options available for treatment. Medical science is advancing at a speedy rate, and it’s often the case that no matter what medical condition you present with, a physician or other healthcare professional will be able to put you on an appropriate treatment pathway.

But what happens when either there is no clear solution – or the solution presented is one that, for whatever reason, is not appropriate for you? In cases like this, looking for alternative health solutions is usually a good course of action. This article will run through some of the major options in this regard and will explain how to obtainand manage an alternative treatment pathway.

Herbal remedies

Ask someone what they think of when you mention “alternative health solutions”, and the first thing they’re likely to say is “herbal remedies”. Herbal remedies are perhaps the most recognizable alternative health solutions – although they’re often some of the most poorly understood, and many people aren’t fully familiar with how powerful these remedies can be.

Take the example of mental health conditions such as depression or anxiety. Common medicinal anti-depressants such as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) are often prescribed by physicians and tend to be the default. However,they’re not appropriate for everyone.They can interfere with your energy levels, sexual functions and more, and can mix badly with other medications. In a situation like this, St John’s Wort – a herbal remedy – may be worth trying. The same goes for echinacea, which is often taken by those looking to avoid the common cold.

CBD oil

A big name currently on the alternative health solutions scene is CBD oil. CBD, which stands for cannabidiol, is associated with cannabis – although it’s different in some key ways, namely in that it’s not psychoactive like the tetrahydrocannabinol found in actual cannabis is. CBD oil can be used for a whole host of purposes.It’s often used to treat pain, for example, although it is also sometimes used as a way to tackle everything from stress to acne. Organic CBD isolate for sale is available too, so it’s definitely possible to get ethically sourced cannabidiols. Some people may have questions over the legality of CBD oil,but it is legal in many jurisdictions around the world.In the US, it is legal everywhere – although it must meetcertainconditions, particularly pertaining to the manufacturing process.


 For some, acupuncture sounds like a scary process. For those with a fear of needles, it’s often dismissed straight out of hand due to the fact that many acupuncturists use needles,but there are a lot of misconceptions about this treatment.It is not just designed for stress, for example, and can also help people combat the risks of diabetes and more. Overall, acupuncture lies somewhere in between a physical and mental treatment, as it has some alternative ideas about the way in which pain and other problems arrive in your body and how they behave. However,with many people swearing by it, it may be time to try it if you haven’t already


Returning to the theme of mental health, the first course of action for a physician when a person presents with a low-level mental health condition such as mild anxiety is to prescribe pills. However,as outlined above, these aren’t right for everyone – and in some cases could even be actively harmful, depending on the patient’s wider situation.

For that reason, people who can’t go down the medication route often go down the mindfulness route instead. Mindfulness refers to practices which help root a person in the here and now, by encouraging them to devote time and energy to what’s going on around them. It’s associated with other alternative mental health solutions, such as meditation – although it’s subtly different in many ways. For people who are, for whatever reason, unable to commit to anti-depressant medication — and even, indeed, for those who have —mindfulness is a key part of managing their condition.

Healthcare is a deeply personal thing and working out the best course of action when it comes to getting the care and treatment you need is a personal choice. For some, the advice given by their physician is enough to cure or at least manage whatever healthcare condition theyexperience. For others, it’s not always the case that a doctor will be able to do the job – and from CBD oil to herbal remedies, there are major alternative healthcare options which it could be worth taking the time to investigate.