And Baby Makes 3: 3 Gifts For Mom To Be


Got a new baby on the way to your friend group? Here are three great gifts for the mom to be in your life.

A Newborn Baby Set, there is just something so special about a completely tiny, soft and matching newborn set. Laylettes are what mom has been dreaming of for nine months after all!

A Spa Day

Mom will need time alone when baby comes but she might want to cash in on a spa day now. What pregnant mom wouldn’t relish a nice massage especially nearing the final stretch?

Free Sitting

Craft a book of coupons that mom can cash in later on. “Free for one night of sitting” is a phrase that she will be glad to hear when she isn’t getting much sleep.

As get ready to be a friend to a new mom, always know that even the smallest things count big. Especially the thought… and you clearly have that in the bag.

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