Android buy back sites typically publish their latest device valuations for the guidance of their customers. Note that these values are for items that are in perfect condition despite their age. If an item has signs of damage, then expect some deduction on the list price. Some places might not even accept items with certain types of damage. Learn more about the evaluation process so that you can prepare for them. Below are a few of the common questions that you will be asked about the phone’s condition:

Are there visible scratches?

It’s hard to escape scratches due to daily use. Nearly every phone has them. However, minor scratches should not be a deal breaker. Only major visible scratches are likely to raise concerns. If you would like to minimize this form of damage, then put your phone in a protective case and use a screen protector. This will catch all of the abrasive objects so that the screen itself will remain pristine underneath. Once you are ready to sell the item, just remove the old screen protector and get a new one.

Are there screen cracks?

Despite careful handling, we may still see our phone dropping to hard ground for a variety of reasons. This often results in cracks on the glass screen. It ruins the user experience by creating permanent blemish. This can only get worse with time. The only way to solve it is to replace the cracked screen which will cost a bit of money. Naturally, this merits a deduction in the item’s price. A high-quality protective casing can prevent cracks.

Is there any screen issues?

Sometimes the screen can have issues like washed out colors, black lines, and nonresponse to touch controls. Screens are extremely important as they serve as both the main input and output interface. Resellers will have to remove the entire screen to fix this and make the unit attractive for future buyers.

Does it power on?

It’s a basic question with a negative answer possibly being a deal breaker. If a unit cannot boot up, then it will require quite a bit of troubleshooting. Some Android buy back sites might refuse these outright. Others might still find them worthy of purchase at a drastically reduced price.

Is it fully functional?

All of the features must be functional from the cameras to the notification lights. Anything that isn’t working will also result in deductions. It’s best to be upfront about these things to build trust and get an accurate offer.