Australia is such a beautiful place, and the Australian Model Agency (AMA) has the best jobs you can ask for! AMA offers modeling jobs with Australian designers. These opportunities are only open to Australian citizens or permanent residents of Australia. The agency also provides auditions with international brands like Nike and Adidas. You’ll never want to leave this job!

What should I know about this?

AMA is a job not just for models but also photographers, hairstylists, and makeup artists.
The Australian fashion industry has been overgrowing worldwide, so Australian model agencies have become very popular in the last few years. AMA represents many top males and female models that were discovered by their management team. They are now award-winning supermodels working around the world!

AMA was founded by Tim Easton, a model agent for 19 years before starting his Australian Models Management agency. He renamed AMA shortly after establishing it due to trademark issues with another company of the same name from New Zealand.
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