AV office equipment for conference and meeting rooms is set up based on the number of participants. Small setups for 5-10 people can be arranged easily. A setup for more than 10 people requires prior planning and a site visit by an AV technician to assess the requirements. Solutions are available for training a large number of people in a hall. Additional equipment is added for web broadcasting. Small solutions are used for intimate communication inside a room. These setups are suitable for small team meetings while the larger setups are suitable for training and conferencing in large halls.

Large conference rooms with more than 10 seats may require multiple displays, projectors and screens. It may even require a video wall. Rooms used for multiple applications require careful planning so that the devices are not damaged when the room is being used for other purposes. The AV setup designer has to take into account the presentation location and seating arrangements. Call now for an evaluation of your meeting or conferencing room. You will receive a quote for the AV setup immediately.