There are so many baby shower cards to choose from these days! And while baby showers are meant to be a happy occasion, choosing baby shower cards can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of baby shower card essentials: the three things you should consider when picking out your baby shower card.

-1) Who is hosting the party?

First of all, baby shower cards can be expensive. It’s important to consider who is hosting the party and what their budget might look like before purchasing baby shower cards so you don’t get stuck buying a bunch that no one will use.

-2) What is the theme of the baby shower?

You may have heard people say baby showers are for girls. Still, you will be surprised by the amount of baby shower invitations and baby shower cards that come in unisex designs. You need to pay attention to colors and design elements when picking out baby shower card themes. So it’s important to know if your friend is having a gender reveal baby shower or if they have an all-gender baby shower.

Ask the mommy to be for more details about her theme preferences when you pick out baby shower cards, even if it is before she has officially revealed the gender of her baby!

-3) Is there a particular message that you want to convey through your baby shower card?

If so, try to look for a card that has enough blank space to write on it. You can also find baby shower cards that come with a matching envelope, so you don’t have to worry about purchasing envelopes as well.

Baby shower cards are a great way to celebrate a baby’s arrival and mommy-to-be, so don’t be afraid to write some emotional messages to it and congratulate them for their beautiful new member of the family.