Many people dream of becoming Padi Instructors, but not everyone knows what it takes. That’s why we are here to share three facts about Padi Instructor Training that will help you decide if this is the career for you! Padi Instructors are professionals who teach scuba diving and instruct divers in how to use equipment safely. Padi also trains other instructors on behalf of PADI dive schools around the world, which means that there are plenty of opportunities for advancement. If you’re interested in becoming a Padi Instructor, read these three essential points below!

Paid course fees

The path to becoming a Padi instructor is not easy, but it will be worth the hard work once you become one. You can expect to pay $1200 for your PADI Open Water Scuba Diver certification as well as another $500-$1000 in PADI membership fees, depending on how much time you have remaining before your Divemaster internship ends. Many people wonder if they’ll get this money back when they pass their internships, and thankfully we can tell you that all of those course fees do come back!

Taught by experienced instructors

This is another excellent aspect of PADI’s Padi Instructor Training. Padi is well known for employing the best and most experienced instructors in the industry, which far outweighs any other training agency out there since you can be assured that your instructor will know what they’re doing and keep you safe during all of your dives!

Paid internships

Another perk PADI has to offer is paid divemaster internships. This means no Padi Divemaster internship fees like SSI or SDI are needed because PADI covers them as part of their Padi Open Water Scuba Diver course costs. Additionally, once you become certified by completing this initial certification, you’ll have full access to more than 80% of PADI’s courses.

To conclude, PADI is the best Padi Instructor Training out there for a number of reasons. Their divemasters are highly qualified, and internships are paid, which can save you thousands of dollars!