Becoming A Project Manager With CAPM Certification


CAPM Certification is a globally recognized qualification offered by the Project Management Institute, also known as PMI. A person can obtain a CAPM certification through an examination taken either in person or online. If you wish to get certified, you can either go through a classroom learning experience or through online courses that have been developed for the sole purpose of offering training for those who wish to become certified. Both of these options are perfectly acceptable for a person who is seeking certification.

The first step in getting a CAPM certification is taking the exam. The exam is available both in print and electronic formats, and the best option for you is to take the printed version. For you who are unable to attend regular training courses, going through the exam online will enable you to take the test. Taking a CAPM certification test can be done either by you or through an accredited institute. Most institutes offer the test also offer assistance when you are preparing for the test.

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